An instantly integratable FX trading platform customised to fit your needs


Nuage Times represent all best practices of an IT company specialising in financial technologies. We provide our Customers with MT4 white label services on PC, mobile and in browsers. Our solutions come with fully developed backend systems including CRM, fund collection & settlement tools, after-sales service platform and risk managment tools supported by the first class and 24/7 on-demand technical team. We strive to constantly improve our product performance and gradually increase our position in the financial-techy sector.

We precisely diagnose and answer all the requirements of the modern fintech's industry
  • A superb Team
  • Ultra rich engineering experience
  • Compatibile with international technologies
Multiple-level security protection tools
  • Security — Stability — Expertise
  • Multiple set of personalized solutions
  • White-Label package like no others
We'll bring you loyal Clients by creating a perfectly-cut BRAND
  • 24/7 pre- and after-sales service
  • 100+ Corporate Partners
  • Frequent and hassle-free upgrade support
Quotations delivered on a daily basis
  • Real-time data
  • Introduction to world's best liquidity providers
  • Stable data with no delays or requotes